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A Message from the CEO of Selecta Charts

Written by: CEO Paul Husbands Date: April 8, 2017
A Message From The CEO of Selecta Charts

 A message from the CEO of Selecta Charts.

www.selectacharts.com - Today, April 8th 2017, I am overwhelmingly proud to finally launch 'Barbados First All-Inclusive Music Streaming Service' Selecta Charts right here on www.selectacharts.com!

Welcome to six years of obsessive devotion to craftsmanship. From an idea sparked in 2010 at 19 years old, to a fleshed-out concept as a passion project during my Graphic Design Degree at Barbados Community College in 2011, to the reality right now at the end of your fingertips; thanks to the developers over at Websites.bb. Today is a historical day for Barbados' Music Industry.
On www.selectacharts.com users will be able to decide who tops our Weekly Top 10 Charts by listening to their favourite songs. So the top songs will be chosen by popularity and its going to be exciting to see who tops our charts for the first time on April 17th. Users will have free access to Music from multiple genres, including soca, hip hop, reggae and dancehall, Music Videos as well as News Updates from Barbados and the Caribbean. Artists can also upload their own music right here to join us for free.
CEO of Selecta Charts, Paul Husbands
A huge thanks goes to Pyramid Entertainment for being the first to come on board and support us! I'm impatiently waiting to hear the new soca music that has been cooking for 2017. 
A special thank you goes out to the over 50 Barbadian artists that we are launching with today, with many more Barbadian and Caribbean artists to join us in the coming weeks. This service was made with you all in mind as the number one priority. I hope you all love it as much as I did creating it. 
Our final thanks goes to 'you', the person reading this right now. Thank you for spending your time here with us. Don't hesitate to send us an email to selectacharts@gmail.com and let us know what you think of our site! Or drop us a line right here.
As Barbadians, let's all come together and put the music of this island, beautiful Barbados, on the World map with the launch of Selecta Charts. No more should we wait until Crop Over to hear new Bajan music.
- CEO of Selecta Charts, Paul Husbands

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