Barbadian Rapper Teff Hinkson teases new track 'Other Side'

Written by: CEO Paul Husbands Date: April 9, 2017
Barbadian Rapper Teff Hinkson teases new track 'Other Side'

Teff Hinkson teases new track "Other Side". - The wait for Barbadian Rapper Teff Hinkson's follow-up to his club banger "Headshot" just got a little shorter.

Late Sunday afternoon, Teff dropped a fiery teaser for new visuals of an upcoming track "Other Side". Surrounded by beautiful women on a picturesque beach, the scene could not scream 'Summer 17' any more than it did. The tough beat and even tougher lyrics tell us that Teff is not waiting for the summer to takeover. Just don't keep us waiting too long for the full track.

Selecta Charts Fav. Quote: "When I'm in Toronto I call Barbados the Other Side". 

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