New Music Out Today on Selecta Charts - April 18th - 24th

Written by: CEO Paul Husbands Date: April 18, 2017
New Music Out Today on Selecta Charts - April 18th - 24th

New Music Releases on Selecta Charts - April 18th - 24th. - This week we're launching another hip hop album, this time from the ever enthusiastic Lex Luwisi. In addition, I'm super excited to reveal our first release from an artist outside of Barbados; today Reggae and Dancehall Singer Abby Dallas makes her debut on Selecta Charts from Jamaica. Listen to her latest release below.


Today, 17-year old Barbadian Rapper/Producer Lex Luwisi releases his debut album 'College Kid' on Selecta Charts. His song celebration was featured in our Launch trailer, so now you can pree what else this talented yout has been hiding up his sleeves.

Every track on this project oozes passion, particularly the emotional 'Stop Playing ft. Ariel', which is a stand out. But don't take my word for it, take a listen and you decide. (Pro Tip: Search the words 'Lex Luwisi' in the bottom left Music Tab to stream his music as a playlist)


Here Are This Week's New Releases:

Lex Luwisi - College Kid Album



Abby Dallas - Gold Digger

Read our interview with Abby Dallas here.


Jessy The Poet - All I Want Ft. Lex Luwisi


5 Cent - Gram ft. Robbin


Tuff I - Leave Us Alone


Tuff I - Who Jah Bless


Amber Orano - Apology


@King_Switch 246 - Doing It Right - feat Chete, Ruby Tech, Livin, Yung Iley


Durhams Boys and Crew - Breaking Out

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