New Music Out Today on Selecta Charts July 13th - July 17th

Written by: CEO Paul Husbands Date: July 13, 2017
New Music Out Today on Selecta Charts July 13th

New Music Releases July 13th - July 17th. - Listen to this Week's New Releases below:

(Protip: Click the bottom left 'Orange' Play Button to play these new songs as a playlist. Click 'What's New' to find all of these new releases)


New Music Releases on Selecta Charts

1. Listen to: Amaul - Music Is Life

2. Listen to: Athena - Feeling Free

3. Listen to: Azman - Unhornable

4. Listen to: Demo Page - Do It

5. Listen to: Demo Page - Slow (Unforgettable Remix)

6. Listen to: Farmer Ubu - Applause

7. Listen to: Holla Bak - Hold De Key

8. Listen to: Jah Koda - Celebration

9. Listen to: Jah Koda - Constantly

10. Listen to: Mr. Easy - Privacy

11. Listen to: Pumpa - Ayayay

12. Listen to: Rameses - Down To De Ground ft. Mole

13. Listen to: Rameses - Fowl Cock

14. Listen to: Rameses - Whine & Bend Ova ft. Pamputtae

15. Listen to: Rico UK - Diamond

16. Listen to: Scorpio - Never Miss It

17. Listen to: Snypa - Iz Fete

18. Listen to: Summa - Hotta Than Summa

19. Listen to: X-Amount - Reggae Music


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