New Music Out Today on Selecta Charts September 15th - September 19th

Written by: CEO Paul Husbands Date: September 15, 2017
New Music Out Today on Selecta Charts September 15th - September 19th

New Music Releases September 15th - September 19th - Listen to this Week's New Releases below:

(Protip: Click the bottom left 'Orange' Play Button to play these new songs as a playlist. Click 'What's New' to find all of these new releases)


New Music Releases on Selecta Charts

1. Listen to: Millennial Yard Fowl - The Intro feat Lil Fry

2. Listen to: Lennox - I Swear (I'll Be)

3. Listen to: Supatronic - True Colours

4. Listen to: Jahmiel - Home

5. Listen to: Natz - Far Away

6. Listen to: Phillip K - Always There On Time

7. Listen to: Darkus - Clean Settings

8. Listen to: Martez Carter - Fire in You ft Leiah Elie

9. Listen to: SlyRapz - Flex ft Jabar Anthony

10. Listen to: Karma - Listen

11. Listen to: jRaww - Rawwstyle

12. Listen to: Aries Hl - Over & Over Ft Victorian

13. Listen to: Daba Davisual - Avatar Ft Rebel Glam

14. Listen to: Daba Davisual - Riptide Feat Josee

15. Listen to: Frassman Brilliant - Infidelity ft Keila Myles

16. Listen to: Angelo Ferarra - Root off All Evil

17. Listen to: Angelo Ferarra - Mek It

18. Listen to: Dondadda - Party Shut Down ft Khiara Sherman

19. Listen to: Dondadda - Wine & Kotch Ft Canibal, Dj Knox

20. Listen to: Dondadda - Party Tun Up ft Dj Knox

21. Listen to: Dondadda - Jiggle It ft Canibal

22. Listen to: Ras Tallawah - Dem Nuh Real

23. Listen to: Zephy - Nah Give Up

24. Listen to: Zephy - Nah Smile Wid Dem

25. Listen to: Zephy - Nuh Lock It Off


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