Selecta Charts Goes Across The Caribbean with Abby Dallas

Written by: CEO Paul Husbands Date: April 18, 2017
Selecta Charts Goes Across The Caribbean with Abby Dallas.

Selecta Charts Goes Across The Caribbean with Abby Dallas. - It's always been the dream to bring artists from 'Across The Caribbean' to this budding platform Selecta Charts here in Barbados, but I never would have predicted we would be revealing an artist from Jamaica in only our second week of launching! Well just that is happening today as Abby Dallas, who just recently dropped her latest Dancehall track 'Gold Digger', has blazed her way into our sights.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Abby Dallas has been recognised throughout her life, starting from the tender age of six at church, for her outstanding vocal talent. Abby has experimented with various genres and tends to favour Reggae, Jazz, and Rhythm and Blues. With the release of her newest Dancehall track we decided to ask Abby a few short questions to find out what inspired it.


Jamaican Artist Abby Dallas. 

Q & A:

Selecta Charts: Your latest track 'Gold Digger' looks to be a big club song! What was the process of producing this one?

Abby Dallas: I got my inspiration for Gold Digger after going on a date with a guy and as he received the bill, he looked at it and said "Would you like to take the bill?" To my surprise I thought he was joking, but afterwards I realised that he was dead serious. So I thought to myself "a weh bruck a go", so on that same day my team wanted me to 'voice' a song and that's the song that came out.


Selecta Charts: Is a music video for Gold Digger coming? And if so, what can we expect?

Abby Dallas: Yes, there is going to be a music video in a few weeks and you can expect nothing but an international standard video.


Selecta Charts: Fantastic. What is your tour schedule looking like for the Caribbean this year? Does it include Barbados?

Abby Dallas: Well I'm hoping my new single Gold Digger will peak the interest of the promoters within the wider Caribbean. Barbados has always been one of the places I see myself performing. My friends always talk about 'Reggae on the Hill' and some day I would love to perform on that show. 


Listen to Abby Dallas' latest release on Selecta Charts here: Abby Dallas - Gold Digger

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