Selecta Charts Spotlight Artiste: Amber Orano

Written by: CEO Paul Husbands Date: April 21, 2017
Selecta Charts Spotlight Artiste: Amber Orano

Selecta Charts Spotlight Artiste: Amber Orano. -  We will be highlighting one of the many artists on Selecta Charts with our new feature "Spotlight Artiste", where you can get a little more familiar with each of them.

This week we decided to catch up with Amber Orano for a quick update. For those who don't know, 18 year old multi-talented artiste Amber Orano has been making waves on the local music scene with her mature vocal style. On top of that she also plays instruments, as seen on stage at the recent School's Music Festival where she effortlessly backed up her group's performance with seamless piano chords. She is definitely one to watch.

Q & A:

Selecta Charts: Congrats on making the #10 spot on Selecta Charts last week Amber. How old were you when you released your first song and which one was it?

Amber OranoI  was 11 when I released my first song "Fussing and Fighting".


Amber Orano Fussing & Fighting (Offical Music Video).


Selecta Charts: You recorded that at 11? Crazy! Most of your releases are reggae songs. What originally drew you to that genre?

Amber Orano: Thank you. From the time I started listening to Queen Ifrica I loved her and her music, so I made a decision to do the same as her and pursue a career as a reggae artist.


Selecta Charts: Your latest release Apology came out of the blue. Does this mean there is more music from Amber Orano on the way?

Amber OranoYes. More music is coming out soon. 


Amber Orano.

Here's a look back at Amber's catalogue here on Selecta Charts as we await her next big release.

Listen to: 

1. Apology - Amber Orano

2. Broken Hearted - Amber Orano

3. Get Up - Amber Orano

4. Hot Spot - Amber Orano

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