Teff Hinkson's 'Other Side' breaks Selecta Charts records

Written by: CEO Paul Husbands Date: May 1, 2017
This week Teff Hinkson's 'Other Side' ft. Kyle Wildfern breaks Selecta Charts records.

Teff Hinkson's 'Other Side' ft. Kyle Wildfern breaks Selecta Charts records.

www.selectacharts.com - Teff Hinkson's 'Other Side' ft. Kyle Wildfern breaks Selecta Charts records hitting Number One on the charts after releasing for just over one day.

'Other Side' is also the first song to claim No.1 after releasing on a Saturday night, making this the latest release during the week to claim No.1 on Selecta Charts. This track is also the fastest streamed song in Selecta Charts history by passing 100 views within the first six hours of release. Other Side is already on track to be the highest overall streamed song on Selecta Charts, after just two days of release. Congratulations to Teff Hinkson, Kyle Wildfern and his production team!   

Teff Hinkson's 'Other Side' ft. Kyle Wildfern is the Number One Song this week.


Tuff I's Leave Us Alone repeats at No.2.

Tuff I came in second once again this week. 'Leave Us Alone' had some 'company' at the last minute who proved to be a worthy competitor. Will 'Leave Us Alone' takedown 'Other Side' next week? We have seven days to find out.


Empress Roli's 'Dem Waring' slips to No.3 this week.

Empress Roli's single 'Dem Waring' fought tooth and nail to stay in the Top 3 this week, proving the longevity of this release by repeating 3 consecutive weeks in Selecta Charts Top 10. 

See this weeks full Top 10 list here.

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