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Barbados artist Tuff I releases debut Reggae album

Written by: CEO Paul Husbands Date: January 24, 2019
Barbados artist Tuff I releases debut Reggae album

Original Roots Reggae Artist Tuff.

FROM humble beginnings, Tuff I and his family would gather in the evenings to listen to his father play the guitar. Sweet melodies would ring out while his mother and siblings would listen and sing along. As a young man, Tuff I would pick up his father’s guitar and pluck the strings carefully to sound out the chords of his most early influences such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown and Frankie Paul.


Stream 'Rastman', Tuff I's Number One charting song on Selecta Charts here.
It was soon after as a young man that he emerged as a musician with a gift to play (both the guitar and djembe) by ear and freestyle his own tunes. In addition to the early Reggae influences in Tuff’s life, his lineage influencer, singer song writer Wendy Allen also played a role in Tuff I’s musical development. It was with Wendy’s example that Tuff I began to write his own lyrics and songs, at first chanting and later emerging as a soulful singer.
For 20 years Tuff I continued to hone his talents by playing, singing and participating in a variety of musical events and performances taking on the role of guitarist, chanter, singer, writer and drummer.
Today, Tuff I in partnership with long term engineer and producer Fabian “Minim” Worrell, have formed a Business Partnership and Record Label. Newcle-US Music. It is under this label that Tuff I’s self-titled debut album has been released effective Jan 1, 2019.
Tuff I’s album and performances will give the listener a passionate artistic view of the world through a unique fusion of original Roots Reggae, with an International Fusion flavor including ska, rock steady and dancehall. Conscious vibes for your listening pleasure.

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